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Smiling Fish? That’s Not All They’re Doing!

Have you ever noticed that when you look into a fish tank, you often see the fish smiling right back at you? You may have thought it was just an illusion, but it turns out that your finned friends are up to more than just grinning. Scientists have recently discovered that the seemingly simple behaviour of fish may be much more complex than once thought. In an exciting discovery, researchers have revealed that fish may engage in surprising social behaviours like cooperation and decision-making. Fish may similarly make decisions to humans.

One of the most intriguing discoveries from a recent study by Dr. Anna Gagl is that fish may engage in social behaviours on par with many mammals. This finding, published in the journal Animal Behavior Communications, suggests that fish possess the cognitive abilities to recognize individuals and interact socially with other species members.

The research team from the University of Vienna observed wild-caught perch for over one year as they interacted with each other within an experimental environment. Through their observations, they discovered that these fish responded differently to different individuals and participated in cooperative activities such as cleaning up residue from their tankmates and sharing food resources.

smiling fish
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