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Yellow Fish Get a Surprising Treat: Sand!

When it comes to the underwater world, many surprises can be found. One of the fascinating things is when creatures interact with each other in ways that would not be expected. This article will explore an unusual treat given to yellow fish – sand! It may sound surprising and odd, but this treatment has been presented to the fish in their natural habitats.

When it comes to the underwater world, many surprises can be found. One of the fascinating things is when creatures interact with one another and form unexpected relationships. Take, for example, a recent discovery by some whale watchers in Australia. They witnessed nothing short of incredible – yellow fish getting a surprising treat: sand!

On closer inspection, the whale watchers discovered that these small yellow fish had been participating in an ancient ritual known as ‘feeding.’ The fish would swim up to the surface and pick up mouthfuls of sand which they then used to clean their scales and gills. Scientists have only observed this behaviour recently, suggesting that these mysterious creatures have developed behaviour over millions of years to survive in their environment.

yellow fish
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